48. Submitting changes


  • To learn how to submit changes to the remote repository.

Since clean repository, usually shared on any network server, we need to send our changes to other repositories. Start by creating a change to be sent. Edit the README file and do a commit


This is the Hello World example from the git tutorial.
(Changed in the original and pushed to shared)


git checkout master
git add README
git commit -m "Added shared comment to readme"

Now send changes to the shared repository.


git push shared master

The common repository is receiving sent us the changes. (Remember, we added it as a remote repository in the previous lesson).


$ git push shared master
To ../hello.git
   2faa4ea..79f507c  master -> master

Note: We had to explicitly specify the master branch to submit changes. It can be configured automatically, but I always forget the command. For easy management of remote branches switch to «Git Remote Branch».