29. Merging to the main branch


  • We have kept our style branch up to date with the main branch (using rebase), but now let's merge the style branch changes back into the main.

01 Merge style into main


git switch main
git merge style


$ git switch main
Switched to branch 'main'
$ git merge style
Updating 85c14e9..39a1e0f
 css/style.css            | 3 +++
 hello.html => index.html | 1 +
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 css/style.css
 rename hello.html => index.html (73%)

Since the last commit in main directly precedes the last commit of the style branch, Git can merge fast-forward by simply moving the branch pointer forward, pointing to the same commit as the style branch.

Conflicts do not arise in the fast-forward merge. Also, fast-forward merges do not create a merge commit.

02 Check the logs


git log --all --graph


$ git log --all --graph
* 39a1e0f 2023-11-28 | Renamed hello.html; moved style.css (HEAD -> main, style) [Alexander Shvets]
* 23149b5 2023-11-28 | Included stylesheet into hello.html [Alexander Shvets]
* b9e6de1 2023-11-28 | Added css stylesheet [Alexander Shvets]
* 85c14e9 2023-11-28 | Added meta title [Alexander Shvets]
* ee16740 2023-11-28 | Added README [Alexander Shvets]
* 9288a33 2023-11-28 | Added copyright statement with email [Alexander Shvets]
* b7614c1 2023-11-28 | Added HTML header (tag: v1) [Alexander Shvets]
* 46afaff 2023-11-28 | Added standard HTML page tags (tag: v1-beta) [Alexander Shvets]
* 78433de 2023-11-28 | Added h1 tag [Alexander Shvets]
* 5836970 2023-11-28 | Initial commit [Alexander Shvets]

Now the style and main branches are identical.