42. Hosting your Git repository

Hey, congrats for making it this far! Please consider this a bonus topic.


  • Learn how to set up Git server for sharing repositories.

Want to make your own GitHub? There are many ways to share Git repositories over the network. Here is a quick and dirty way.

01 Launch the Git server


# (From the "repositories" directory)
git daemon --verbose --export-all --base-path=.

Now, go to your repositories directory in a separate terminal window.


# (From the "repositories" directory)
git clone git://localhost/work.git network_work
cd network_work

You will find a copy of the work project.

02 Pushing to the Git Daemon

If you want to allow push to the repository Git Daemon, add --enable=receive-pack tag to the git daemon command. Be attentive, this server does not perform authentication, so anyone can push changes to your repository.

03 Sharing repositories

At this point, sky is the limit. Go wild! Rent a server, buy a domain name, host your repositories on this server, and you'll enjoy your private GitHub!

Seriously, though, you can host your own private GitLab. It's free and open source.