18. Removing the oops tag


  • Removing the oops tag (cleaning up)

01 Removal of the oops tag

Oops tag has performed it’s function. Let us remove that tag and permit the garbage collector to delete referenced commit.


git tag -d oops
git hist --all


$ git tag -d oops
Deleted tag 'oops' (was 45fa96b)
$ git hist --all
* fa3c141 2011-03-09 | Added HTML header (HEAD, v1, master) [Marina Pushkova]
* 8c32287 2011-03-09 | Added standard HTML page tags (v1-beta) [Marina Pushkova]
* 43628f7 2011-03-09 | Added h1 tag [Marina Pushkova]
* 911e8c9 2011-03-09 | First Commit [Marina Pushkova]

Oops tag will no longer appear in the repository.

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